Friday, January 07, 2011

Elbow Macaroni Kukus

Macaroni is a borrowing of the Italian maccheroni (plural of maccherone, and maccherono, meaning "stained").

Its etymology is debatable. Some think it comes from Italian ammaccare, "to bruise or crush" (referring to the crushing of the wheat to make the noodles), which comes, in turn, from Latin macerare, meaning to soak in liquid, to soften, or to torment, to mortify, to distress (the term also giving us the English macerate).

While for others it might be the Arabs who invented macaroni in the Middle Ages. However the academic consensus supports that the word comes from Greek (makaria), a kind of barley broth which was served to commemorate the dead.

Elbow macaroni is the most common tube pasta shape. It is a narrow tube with a semicircular curved shape.
(Source. Wikipedia n Recipetips)

Its a kind of shortcut cooking ahahaha... saya gunain macaroni siap saji dari La Fonte which is too salty mnurut saya. Well, bikin ini gampaaang banged, ya eyalaah :D .. U cant go wrong!

Ingredients :

- La Fonte Elbow Macaroni rasa ayam jamur (bisa rasa apa aja)
- 1 butir Telur
- Korned Beef
- Keju parut secukupnya
- Seledri cincang halus
- Margarin

Method :

- Panaskan kukusan, alasi tutup dengan serbet.
- Masak makaroni sesuei petunjuk, campur dengan semua bumbu
- Tambahkan telor, seledri, keju dan korned, aduk rata
- Masukkan dalam pinggan yang telah disemir margarin, taburi keju parut
- Kukus hingga matang
- Taburi daun seledri n dimakan hangat bareng saus sambel
- Be Happieeeeeeh :D

Note : You can use instant noodles instead of macaroni :)